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Wall Color Trimming & Molding Installation

Wall Baseboards and Moldings Installation and Trimming

The traditional brush and roller method is the most widely used: with these two tools, our painters are able to perform almost all the tasks at hand.

The thickness of the roll will give the surface its grain: for example, a 20mm roll will be used for a wall or ceiling with relief, while a 10mm roll will be used on new and smooth walls. Our professional painters are experts in their field and are masters in cutting; Whether it is cutting a wall in a dark color or moldings with an intricate design, the result will always be crisp and flawless.

Molding & Ogees Painting & Installation
Painting and installation of decorative moldings or boxes

“Turnkey” Services

Cracks, nail holes and gaps in moldings and frames are filled with latex (or calking) giving a crisp finish to the space.

From repairing plaster to finishing painting, including good sanding and the application of a suitable primer, we pay special attention to the preparation of the surface to be painted. For perfect trimming and roll-free marks, leave your project in professional hands capable of handling even the most complex demands.

  • Wall Repairs
  • Plasterer
  • Trimming and Moldings
  • Color Advice
  • Paint after Disaster
  • Staircase and High Ceiling
  • Woodwork Stripping & Staining
  • Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing
Peinture ECE Montréal & Laval Painters

“Je recommande leurs services sans hésiter.
Très professionnels et courtois.
Travail de qualité. “

– Martin Potvin,

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Peinture ECE Other Services

Exterior House Painter

Exterior Residential Painter

Does the exterior look of your home need a little bit of love? Have you just bought a house whose paint on the facade is crumbling? Let our professional painters take care of it!

Woodwork Stripping & Staining

Paint Stripping, Staining & Resurfacing

When it comes to retrieve wood’s original nature, refreshing wood can be done by sanding and / or paint stripping. Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing is also an economical way to modernize your kitchen cabinetry.

Our painters results

Molding & Baseboard Color Trimming
Molding & Baseboard Painting & Installation
Molding & Ogees Painting & Installation