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Interior Residential Painters

Peinture ECE vous offre un service fiable à des prix concurrentiels. Chaque soumission comprend la main d’oeuvre, le déplacement, l’équipement ainsi que la peinture. Peinture que nous obtenons à des tarifs préférentiels et dont nous vous faisons bénéficier dans notre soumission.

We assess all your needs and carefully choose the products best suited to each situation, always in dialogue with our experts and in discussion with our customers. All our painters know these subtleties and will know how to share them with you.

Ceiling & Molding Painter
Montreal and Laval Residential Painters

“Turnkey” Service

From repairing plaster to finishing painting, including good sanding and the application of a suitable primer, we pay special attention to the preparation of the surface to be painted. For perfect trimming and roll-free marks, leave your project in professional hands capable of handling even the most complex demands.

  • Wall Repairs
  • Plasterer
  • Trimming and Moldings
  • Color Advice
  • Paint after Disaster
  • Staircase and High Ceiling
  • Woodwork Stripping & Staining
  • Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing
Woodwork Stripping & Staining

Professional Painters Only!

Hiring a professional painter means ensuring quality work without unpleasant surprises at the end of the project. Our high standards have been part of our company’s DNA for more than 14 years: a qualified workforce, quality equipment and a dedicated team are the key to unparalleled service, in complete transparency.

Interior Painter in Montreal

Best Quality Product Only!

To reach an optimal result, our painters use “expert” quality paints in partnership with Sico and Benjamin Moore. Our suppliers are known in the professional world and their products give durability and reliability to the work performed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our work ethic.

Increase you house value by painting your garage

A garage is totally part of a house, but we forget to give it the care it deserves: don’t leave it behind and breathe new life into it by having it completely repainted: walls, ceiling, pipes and even floor! You will gain in light and its appearance will immediately be more welcoming and clean than before!

Peinture ECE Montréal & Laval Painters

“J’ai eu un service efficace, très bien effectué et réalisé dans les délais données. Équipe dynamique, courtoise et sympathique! Merci Peinture ECE! “

– Annie Arseneau

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Peinture ECE other services

Wall Repair & Drywall Installation

Disaster repairs such as water damage to a ceiling or wall as well as minor repairs and if necessary the installation of drywall, for a quality project.

Exterior House Painter

Exterior Residential Painter

Does the exterior look of your home need a little bit of love? Have you just bought a house whose paint on the facade is crumbling? Let our professional painters take care of it!

Woodwork Stripping & Staining

Paint Stripping, Staining & Resurfacing

When it comes to retrieve wood’s original nature, refreshing wood can be done by sanding and / or paint stripping. Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing is also an economical way to modernize your kitchen cabinetry.

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Montreal and Laval Residential Painters
Molding & Trimming Painting
Professional Montreal Painter