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Staircase and High Ceiling Painting

Staircase and high heights Painting projects

Stairwells and high ceilings are recurrent work at ECE Paint: indeed, these difficult to access spaces require the services of professionals.

Ladder from 18 to 32 feet and scaffolding are our allies for this work in height.

Whether it’s repairing a crack in a cathedral ceiling, painting a rose window in a different shade or moldings (“ogees”) in a different finish, working at heights holds no secrets for us!

Ceiling & Molding Painter
Professional Gun Painting Painter

Interior Gun Painting

Whether it is on a brick wall, a fireplace flue or even woodwork (such as boxes or doors) and heaters, this type of interior paint requires a spray gun (called “gun” or “airspray”): by spraying paint on the surface in droplets, the gun will allow the paint to penetrate into every joint and roughness of the wall very easily, where the roller would not reach. It also gives flat surfaces an even, crisp finish with no brush and roller marks.

Peinture ECE Montréal & Laval Painters

“Wow!! Excellent travail! J’ai utilisé les services de Peinture ECE pour repeindre toute ma maison. Éric et son équipe sont très professionnels, ont le souci du détail et respectent les délais et s’assurent de notre entière satisfaction et ce, à toutes les étapes du contrat. Je les recommande sans hésiter! “

– MJ Prevost

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Peinture ECE other services

Wall Repair & Drywall Installation

Disaster repairs such as water damage to a ceiling or wall as well as minor repairs and if necessary the installation of drywall, for a quality project.

Exterior House Painter

Exterior Residential Painter

Does the exterior look of your home need a little bit of love? Have you just bought a house whose paint on the facade is crumbling? Let our professional painters take care of it!

Woodwork Stripping & Staining

Paint Stripping, Staining & Resurfacing

When it comes to retrieve wood’s original nature, refreshing wood can be done by sanding and / or paint stripping. Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing is also an economical way to modernize your kitchen cabinetry.

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High Heights & Ceiling Painting Projects
Staircase and High Ceiling Painters
Staircase and High Heights Painters