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Patio or Terrace Staining

Applying a stain to your deck, patio, fence or pergola will increase its durability.

The challenge of a successful stain application.

Patio and terrace staining is a challenge because it must be executed quickly: the weather must be ideally neither too hot (no direct sun), nor too cold (under 10 degrees), nor too humid (nor rain, obviously ) and this for at least 2 days!

The surface will be cleared of all furniture and decoration before the painter’s arrival. The painter will perform a brief sweep of the surface and then proceed to a complete sandblasting (or stripping) in order to apply the stain paint.

Montreal Terrasse Staining
Patio or Terrasse Staining

Choosing the right type of stain paint

Note that there are several types of stains: transparent, semi-transparent or opaque, you are free to choose the one that suits you best*. The stain paint has a double role: protective and aesthetic; it protects wood from the elements by penetrating its fiber while matching your decor.

* Note that rough wood, that was never stained, will “absorbe” more stain paint therefor require more product!

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