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House Painter

Exterior maintenance of your building or House

With more than 14 years of experience, we take care to attach particular importance to the new talents we recruit: they must know how to recognize the maintenance and restoration needs of structures, prepare them adequately, while taking care of the premises with professionalism and rigor.

15 years of experience: indoor or outdoor projects, they know how to perform all the tasks incumbent on them with dynamism, in total autonomy. After all the trades, from structural work to finishing, the painter is the last professional to intervene on a site; it is the finishing touch after days, weeks or even months of work. It is his work that will reveal the beauty of the project.

Exterior Brick Painting

Building Type:

  • Condos
  • Luxury Houses
  • Family Houses
  • Bungalow
  • Large Apartment Buildings
  • Duplex and Triplex
Building House Painter, gun painting

Exterior Gun Painting

The sprayed paint ensures a perfect and smooth finish, speed of execution and complicated or difficult to access surfaces, for example:

  • Stucco and highly textured surfaces,
  • New projects requiring a full coat of full primer
  • Pipes, columns and heaters
  • Complex wood surfaces.

Our painters take great care to protect the premises before starting to use the “gun”: in fact, spray paint is very volatile and if this work was not done upstream, it could damage the premises.

Full Liability Coverage

We provide all of our customers with one year insurance on work done inside and out. If you think that the work needs to be redone, that you are hungry for more, we guarantee to finish what we have started so that the result meets your expectations.

Peinture ECE Montreal & Laval Painters

“J’ai eu un service efficace, très bien effectué et réalisé dans les délais données. Équipe dynamique, courtoise et sympathique! Merci Peinture ECE! “

– Annie Arseneau

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Peinture ECE other Services

Exterior House Painter

Exterior Residential Painter

Does the exterior look of your home need a little bit of love? Have you just bought a house whose paint on the facade is crumbling? Let our professional painters take care of it!


Our plasterers can perform major wall or ceiling repairs as well as more minor repairs ensuring that surfaces are perfectly smooth before applying any paint.

Our painters results

Building House Painter in Montreal & Laval
Laval Building House Painter