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Paint Stripping, Staining & Resurfacing

Woodwork stripping & staining :

Woodworking can be done by sanding but also by stripping, when it comes to regaining its original nature: many of you want to find the essence of your woodwork after several coats of stain or paint applied with a wire years.

In this case, sanding is not enough and applying several coats of stripper will satisfy your wish and restore a more natural look to your interior.

Kitchen Cabinets Resurfacing

Kitchen Cabinets or Furniture Resurfacing

Give your kitchen a fresh boost without changing it and risking spending a lot? Why not repaint the cupboard doors: a good sanding as well as an oil primer followed by 2 to 3 coats of paint specially designed for this purpose (respecting the drying time between coats) and your kitchen will appear new and up to date.

Peinture ECE Montréal & Laval Painters

“Excellent travail! J’ai utilisé les services de Peinture ECE pour 2 projets et j’ai toujours été très satisfaite. Les peintres sont professionnels, ont le souci du détail et respectent les délais.”

– Catherine Gingues

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Peinture ECE other Services

Wall Repair & Drywall Installation

Disaster repairs such as water damage to a ceiling or wall as well as minor repairs and if necessary the installation of drywall, for a quality project.

Exterior House Painter

Exterior Residential Painter

Does the exterior look of your home need a little bit of love? Have you just bought a house whose paint on the facade is crumbling? Let our professional painters take care of it!

Woodwork Stripping & Staining

Paint Stripping, Staining & Resurfacing

When it comes to retrieve wood’s original nature, refreshing wood can be done by sanding and / or paint stripping. Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing is also an economical way to modernize your kitchen cabinetry.

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Kitchen Cabinets Resurfacing
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